Ultimate YouTube Video Player Pro




Ultimate YouTube Video Player Pro

You can create your player with your appearance like

  1. You can set up the color of player background color, opacity
  2. You can set Player border-color
  3. You can set player scroll bar color
  4. You can set the first video for a show of playlist
  5. You can set thumbnail font color, date font color
  6. You can set the selected video background color and font color
  7. You can set thumbnail border color and size
  8. You can set show or hide the header of the Player title
  9. You can set the custom text of the player title with font color
  10. You can set ribbon font color and background color
  11. You can set the custom text of player ribbon
  12. You can set three theme – Theme A and Theme B , THEME C with different style
  13. Single You Tube Video Player
  14. Multiple Playlist switcher for all theme from frontend


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