How to detect You tube Channel / Playlist / Video ID in you tube account

Step 1. First go to the  browser and  login with your google account

Step 2.  And Open YouTube 

Step 3. After open you tube please view at left side bar (Navigation Drawer) and click it for open and select here Setting Menu

Step 4. Here you view Advanced settings and click it for open this

Step 5. Here you find Channel ID of your you tube account.

Step 6. Now again click on sidebar menu & find here Your videos Menu – below this menu you found Watch Later and its below you found your playlist.

Step 7. Click on this playlist – when you clicked this please check you search bar

here your playlist id after playlist?list= this  (eg. 1wdedxxxxxxxxxxx00000xxx)

Step 8. After open playlist here you found your playlisted videos. please click on one video and view at search bar
Step 9. here your video id please copy it from & (eg. 123xc34XXX)

Thank You.